Parihoa Farmhouse by Patterson Associates

While I was searching for window types and how can I use them in my housing project I found and study Parihoa Farmhouse.

Parihoa is a rural raised on the slopes between Muriwai and Bethells beaches only one hour from Auckland, New Zealand. Patterson Associates designed the contemporary house settled into the slope with panoramic views of the coast.

Patterson Associates describes its design strategies.

“A simple strategy of formal juxtapositions such as converging and expanding walls create varied spatial experiences throughout the form. An entry lobby is guarded by a portcullis to keep the sheep out and sections of the perimeter wall also pivot open unexpectedly.

The home is arranged as a series of spaces linked by way of the circulation courtyard and secret doors, discovering forms and shapes seemingly arbitrarily positioned, yet suggesting a history; a sense of transcended time. Long views across the protected courtyard end on the all persuasive horizon, moving toward the edges of the structure, the ocean and sky open up above and below, until the view’s full breadth is revealed.”

This project is really help me for how should I use tranparent surfaces and which type of them should I use in my project.

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