Shade and Shadow of Instance

The purpose of this assignment is to experiment the spatial effects of different shade and shadow properties of th Instance model which we designed in Arch 102 course. Therefore, I took tese photos in different light condition and direction.

Shade and Shadow – Quick Drawing

shade and shadow quick drawing

During the lesson, shade and shadow presentation is made to us and also we have learnt shadow drawing techniques then what is expected us to draw stairs and their shadow. The given section, elevation and top view of stairs help us to draw the shadow of stairs.


birinci deneme

In this assignment we should test the spatial configurations achieved with the introduction of the light source by taking photographs of our first model (spatial abstraction model) through the light box and we should revise our models according to the datas; light, shade & shadow in order to achieve further spatial effects and again we took photo of our new model from the light box.

ikinci maket ikinci deneme