The Field – Second Step

In this second step of my instance model I improve my planar surfaces that I created in my first step of the field model so that they reach a non-planar surface character by including the varying heights. While I was introducing the height I think the concept of ‘Contrast’ according to my observation in Kayaköy. I did not include any height to my most dense part to create a zone between two contrast part. I produce my contrast part by using different height and changing the intensity of heights.

The Field – First Step

This is the first step of our field. In this step what is expected to us producing 2D surfaces by using series of strings stretched along a frame which has the size 49,53 x 99,06 cm. The surfaces’ proporties shold be defined by the frequency, correlations, interrelations, directions and angles of the lines and while we are producing the first step of the field by taking into consideration our diagram that we create after the trip in Kayaköy.

While I am producing my model, first I focused on the frequency of the lines. I observed the centralization and I did my diagram according to this observation and also when we get close the center the density is increasing so in my field model I create some density part within the frame and move away from this part the density is decreasing and also from my observation I stretched the strings angular way to show the orientation to the center.

Site Trip in Kayaköy

We were in Kayaköy last week to experience all the physical properties of the place ( without any differentiation between nature and man-made ).

I document my observations as multi-layered maps which are expected to be abstract documentations of the place in diagrammatic language, free hand drawings sketches, and photographs. I experienced the place according to time or scale relations and in particular, experiences are related to form, enclosure, visibility, texture, wind, continuity etc. and the composition of the interrelation of all these.

P.s. : Kayaköy is an abandoned village in Muğla, Turkey. Greeks were living here until 1922. Then they had to emigrate because of exchange of population. Today, it is a museum village.