Preperation For The Final Jury

poster 2This is my poster that explain my whole steps leading to my final project.


Variation 3

IMG_0966A theme was given to us to create the variation of variation 2 model.My theme was shrink so my first decision is shrinking size to have more defined volumes and create more homogeneous model. I also aim to shrink differences by considering and emphasizing my characteristic part so I did extrude and I use the volume that created with this extrude part in my model to reveal and the relaion between linear and planar elements. I also use transparent elment to step up relation between planar and linear and also volumetric relationship.

And here are drawings of my model.

blog jpeg 1 blog jpeg 2


Variation 2



Variation 1

v 1In this assignment what is expected us to produce a variation of our structural frame model by using planar elements by referring to our operational flowchart and we can improve it whenever necessary but all the operational limitations set previously are still valid.

v 2


Axonometric Projection

Ass_07 Begüm SARI 2In this week we have learnt axonometric projection and what was expected to us draw the axonometric projection of Variation 1 model.


Sketch Problem : Three Planes

IMG_0117Actually, this assignment is the most amusing assignment.We have limited operations which are copy, extend and extrude on plane made by corrugated cardboard and the dimensions decided by us but total area of the initial plane shouldn’t exceed 20 cm² and this three certain planes should be perpendicular to each other.




Drawing the Structural Frame

In this assignment I produce an ortographic set that is composed of 3 different views of my structural frame. The scale is 1/2 and while I was doing it I used reference grid to help me.

orto 2