Variation 3

IMG_0966A theme was given to us to create the variation of variation 2 model.My theme was shrink so my first decision is shrinking size to have more defined volumes and create more homogeneous model. I also aim to shrink differences by considering and emphasizing my characteristic part so I did extrude and I use the volume that created with this extrude part in my model to reveal and the relaion between linear and planar elements. I also use transparent elment to step up relation between planar and linear and also volumetric relationship.

And here are drawings of my model.

blog jpeg 1 blog jpeg 2


Scaling the Frame

structural frame 2This assignment is continuation of the structural frame assignment and in this assignment scaling has been a design operation to emphasize the essential parts of our structure. Thus, I reviewed my flowchart and my process and I found the important process and I scaled them but I didn’t just increase the size of the stick element. I also add some operations to emphasize them.

 structural frame 3

Structural Frame / Stage 2

In this stage of structural frame assignment what is expected us to produce a structural frame of our documented process by paying attention the changes, rhythms, variations, repetitions and ruptures within the continuity of the system, by using 42 mm in length linear elements which is wooden stick-form elements and while we are doing this, there is some rules such as we can apply addition, rotation which is limited with 90degree and branching that can be from 2 to 1 or 1 to 2 and this structure should be a closed loop and while I was doing my structural frame, I conceived my process and some important points in process and I found some repeated steps and I grouped them with same operation order and aspect and I apply them with the same rule but there is hierarchy among them.

structural frame1

Structural Frame / Stage 1

In this assignment, we have watched some videos about structural notion within poetry and structural principles of poetry work. What is expected to us making and observing structural analysis of a small production or manufacturing counter such as shoe making, jewelry making. I explored with my friends and we found a shop that make jewelries and the owners’ of shop helped us really much.

foto jpeg

This assignment has two stage and in the first one, we should document the process of the production to come with a story board that presents the sequential stages of the production process.structure yeni jpeg

This is my story board about making gold bracelet. This process progress with these putting in order : gold melting, casting, formating as a roller, weighing down, belting down, designing, filling, drawing a specific figure and cutting this figure from goldplate then combining them together, cleaning up with oil of vitriol, rubbing and polishing the figure and recessing for brilliant and gluing brilliant and magnificent outcome. 🙂