House: Rewind Final Jury

While I was designing the thingy my main design decision was dividing space and controlling visual relationship. Therefore surfaces are important for me. And I think that the thingy should not be single-minded and I decided that it should also provide storage. The Thingy has steel grid panels that divide spaces. After that I decided who use it. The user should need surfaces and storage. Therefore the user became a graffiti writer and he is a man. The graffiti writers make some sketches and after that they start to paint and make practices on canvasses. Therefore I think that he needs two different working space and the thingy creates their divisions. Also the user of The Thingy can put his spray paints on this steel grid and when he change their density and also location in this steel grid he has visual relationship between spaces indoor and outdoor and also with same things he can have different light and view conditions. While he is working with canvases he some exploded surface in the thingy has also help to put the spray paints and sometimes he can use these surfaces as a stair to reach the top of the canvasses.

In my infographic, I analysed how different subjects in scenario relate to each other in terms of spaces that they use and share in a daily, weekly, monthly and annual period.

In addition to my scenario there are also three students who come to university in Ankara with bachelor degree, they study psychology and they do not know Ankara. They have a schedule therefore they have regular life when we compare to graffiti artist. They generally go out to know Ankara.

The graffiti artist sometimes get job for graffiti paints. He study and make practices at home. Graffiti artist works generally Saturday nights and if it is indoor space he prefers working on Sundays. In monthly period he has exhibition of his works in every November therefore he do not accept any work in October’s.

When we came to the site, it is in Kırlangıç Street which is in urban context. It was one way street and there is no public transportation in Kırlangıç.  In Arjantin Street density of traffic is much more when we compared to Kırlangıç but in Kırlangıç because of the car parking problem sometimes there are lots of car going around and it creates noise. There is an international kindergarten and there is also a lot of noise in daily period because of this I want to do introverted design in terms of usage. Trees are existing in the site I think that in urban context, vegetation is really important. Therefore, also I want to include this three trees in my design as court creator in private and in common usage. I also wanted to keep in touch the graffiti artist and students but they also have their own spaces therefore my design shape as three part.

People generally use Kırlangıç Street. Therefore I want to adduct working spaces of graffiti artist to there so people can easily reach and recognize it and also I want that he also easily reach his working spaces. Students generally spend their time in their working space As I said there is an introverted usage I don’t want to completely rupture their relation with surrounding by benefitting from the site’s slope I raise students part and create a visual relationship so they can see this green area also. As I said graffiti artist and students have a relation and sometimes he show and teach graffiti therefore I designed topography so that they can use it. Therefore I designed the court and they use these emergent surfaces and also while doing that I also want to create different terrace balcony kind of things for these different parts.