Arch111 – Final Drawing

In the final assignment of ARCH111, we were expected to analyse Iller Bankası building (1935-1937) by SeyfiArkan in Ulus-Ankara. This assignment was paralel to our final assignment of ARCH121 course. In ARCH121 assignment we researched this building and documented it and in the light of this research and the plans of building we draw its 2 orthographic drawings which are front view and left view, an isometric drawings and diagrams on a single cartridge paper.iller bankası

Arch 111 Assignment: Posterize

arch 111 2.deneme düzenlenmiş hali jpeg

This poster was made by using photoshop and this one is my first photoshop experience. It looked a bit confused but when I tampered some tools and begun to produce something, I want to do more things with it and when I completed one, I did another trying and I chose this one to deliver my assignment. What is expected to us to pay specific attention to basic organizational and compositional principles rather than making figurative or narrative references. Then, here is the result.

Infuriating Joke :)

One day when we came to the studio there was a homework on blackboard and on the board some farcical measure of papers (37,6 x 21,3 cm ) and due date and we wondered what we will do with these papers and we asked our friends from the upper class and they said that you should be careful the measure and we strived to procure exact measure but when the due date came our instructor say that it was time honored joke. 🙂