Drawings of Maison de Bordeaux

This semester’s Architectural Communication Techniques course’s midterm is different from the last semester. This midterm has two steps. The first one is drawing of the given building’s all plans, two section drawings and two elevation drawings and the second step is a group work. In the second step, we will produce an abstract model of the given building.

Our building is Maison de Bordeaux by Rem Koolhaas and here is the first step’s outcomes.

Maison de bordeaux plans maison de bordeaux section and elevation


Ass03_Begüm Sarı

I produce a digital photo collage with the photographs I have taken in Kayaköy and also we are expected to focus on the theme layers and I used black and white photos to control light and shadow qualities and to emphasize depth in photos.


We are expected to apply colour on the black and white image given to us. The assignment requires emphasising certain spatial qualities discovered by us. In doing that we are expected to remain visibility of the given image. So I consider some spatial qualities of image an by introducing the different hue of red I want to emphasize closeness and distance relations.

Section Drawing

axonometric section drawingFor the first assignment of ARCH 112, we were expected to produce an exploded-section drawing of the given object and cut through the object from indicated points to produce 4 section-isometric drawings. Section-isometric drawings should not be overlapped with each other. The scale of drawings is 1/2.