Collage 1

In this assignment, first I visited the library and I searched for architectural journals and I chose two pages, one with only text and the other with only image then I decomposed both pages by stripping them vertically or horizontally according to my design decision.

kolaj 1

Thematic Photo Essay

Ass04.Begüm SARI

After I have taken photos in Ulus, I started to produce a thematic photo essay which is about texture. Our digital poster size should be 50 x 70 cm. I did some research about what texture mean is and then I used two group and in the first group (on the left) I worked on textural repetition and while I was sorting them I paid attention vertical lines that create a texture then horizontal lines that create a texture then both horizontal and vertical lines that create a texture and the second group (on the right) I worked on flat and smooth texture and I sorted them visually from smooth texture to rough texture.