ARCH 111 & 121 – POSTER ASSIGNMENT (New Chance)

text and video poster jpeg 2

This one again a poster about text and video. Our instructors gave us chance to reorganize our poster because our first poster didn’t involve what is desired to us and this is my new poster. I watched out angular alignment and I divided into two groups by using two different color. One is keywords from text and the other is keywords from the video and I used textural background to avoid figurative reference.


arch 111-121 posterize jpeg 3. deneme

I study with a text ‘ Pure Creation of the Mind ‘ that written by LE CORBUSIER and a video ‘ What does Music Mean? ‘ by BERNSTEIN to make a digital poster. My poster should be in size of 27×27 cm and I should derive some key-words from the text and video and the poster should have an alternative single title. While I was creating this poster, I have used lots of reference line to decide how the words should place on the poster and I want to draw attention some words by using different point size and the reason why I have used three different colors key-words is emphasizing the key-words from video, the key-words from text and the most common key-word that is used both in text and video and the reason why I chose this background is an object that help me with its reference line rather than a figurative mean while I was arranging my poster.