Final Models

Now, we have produced our final models that shaped according to our final design decisions. Basically, my design shaped according to properties of the land and coast. In this peninsula there are some differentiations in terms of level of trees, density and variety of trees, slope level, changes in level and density of reeds etc. Therefore, my design decisions were formed according to these characteristics of peninsula.

Here is the plans and sections of my models in a scale of 1/200.

Jury Cards

Here is TED University’s Architecture Studios’ jury cards for the jury members. The blue one for the first year studio project, the yellow one for the second year studio project and the pink one for the third year studio project.

AnAlice’s Adventure in Kayaköy + Hinges

In the last step of this project, I transformed my instance according to spatial properties of the field. As I said, in the field there was centralization and when we move away the center the density is decreasing. The transformation of the instance was shaped according to this idea. There is a most compact part in my instance in terms of density of the volumes and size of volumes. However, when we move away from this part, dissolution steps in by using large scale elements and by increasing the size of the volumes. And there is a spatial property in terms of the interaction of the field with the instance. In the most compact part the characteristic of the field is stable. My first hinge type is in this stable part of the field. In this part the field interacts with the instance by thrusting through some elements of the instance so it creates my first type hinge. However in the other parts, the dissolved part shaped the field. However there is a rule while the field is shaping. In my field there was orientation to the center so the field’s surfaces which shave the dissolved part have created volumes and in these volumes, the orientation of the greater surface forming the volume is to the center which is my compact part. And this shave action create my second type hinge. My third hinge is not about the instance and field interaction, it is just about the instance interaction. The sum of the parts that touch there parts is creating the whole instance so to decompose them from the others I differentiate their texture and I extrude these three elements of the instance.

PS: The description of the Hinge is different from the real meaning of it. It is an abstract meaning like physical connection and interaction of the elements.