A Break in Istanbul

This weekend I had a break. I went to Istanbul and I visit some places that I wonder. My first stop was Nakilbent Cistern in Sultanahmet. There is an exhibition ” Su Ruhu”, Water Spirit which focus on the relation between art and space. It opened on March 27th and it will continue until April 28th. If you have time I suggest you to visit there. It is surprising that there is no exhibition admission fee. Water, that used to be collected in the cistern for centuries, has been introduced to the space again with the form of water particles and you can experience the space with the help of different lights. Here is some photographs from there.

And here is some photos that make feel us in the different levels of water with the help of water particle and light.

My second stop was Sancaklar Mosque desined by Emre Arolat. http://www.archdaily.com/516205/sancaklar-mosque-emre-arolat-architects/ : In this website you can find the design decission of the mosque. I don’t know whether it has a meaning in term of relegion or not I observed that inside of the mosque there are 12 steps and in ceiling there are some forms that resemble izohips and they are also 12 and a part that sect leader preaches a sermon has 6 steps. Here is some photos from the mosque.

An finally, there are some photos from the Istanbul and my journey.


Site Trip in Kayaköy

We were in Kayaköy last week to experience all the physical properties of the place ( without any differentiation between nature and man-made ).

I document my observations as multi-layered maps which are expected to be abstract documentations of the place in diagrammatic language, free hand drawings sketches, and photographs. I experienced the place according to time or scale relations and in particular, experiences are related to form, enclosure, visibility, texture, wind, continuity etc. and the composition of the interrelation of all these.

P.s. : Kayaköy is an abandoned village in Muğla, Turkey. Greeks were living here until 1922. Then they had to emigrate because of exchange of population. Today, it is a museum village.

Trip for the Photo Essay


For taking architectural photos to prepare a photo essay we walked from Kolej to Ulus. There were lots of stops to pay attention and know the significant buildings and their historical background on our route. This was a difficult experience for me because of both weather ( the weather was rainy and cold ) and photography techniques. Because of not to know how I should take architectural photos, I tampered my camera’s settings so my camera was destroyed and I used my friends’ camera.