ARCH462 | Profession and Practice | Architectural Practice

Lecture is conducted under the topic of architectural practice by Bilge İmamoğlu. Firstly, lecture concentrated on the terms profession, professional, professionalism, professionalization and their dictionary meaning. Profession refers to ‘type of a job that requires special education’; professional refers to ‘set of skills, judgement and behaviour that expected from well-trained people’; professionalism refers to ‘the skill, quality and high standards of behaviour expected of a professional person’, also professionalism refers to ‘act of profession’; professionalization refers to ‘a process of becoming professional’. Equivalent of the term profession in Turkish is an Arabic verb meslek, ‘from the root of süluk, entering a route, an occupation or a religious act, an attitude’.

Profession and practice are a kind of communication between person and society. Being professional is a declaration to society. Educational institutions such as universities and certificates are official and public declarations, they are proof to perform a specific job.

The evolution of professionalization is related with enlightenment, industrialization and urbanization. For example, until the modernization period medicine is a practice but after modernization it become a profession.

The process of being professional starts with a system of production and circulation of knowledge specific to the occupation within centralized educational institutions. Publication of scholar and professional journal is a medium to continue the distribution of knowledge produced within and after an academic institution. After that this process continues with formation of professional organization and they defence rights of professions and also establish relation between state, society and profession. RIBA (1834) and AIA (1857) are the first examples of these institutional organizations. Also, social legitimacy of explicit rights for occupational privileges is another step for being professional and this refers to that you are acknowledged by society. And final step is the state’s legal approval for those rights and privileges and it is an exception by law, society and state.

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