House: Rewind

My site is in Kırlangıç Street which is in urban context. It was one way street and there is no public transportation in Kırlangıç.  In Arjantin street density of traffic is much more when we compared to Kırlangıç but in Kırlangıç car parking is huge problem. There is a green area near my site and it creates a vista for my site. In opposite direction there is an international kindergarten and there is a lot of noise in daily period.

Therefore, I want to do inward oriented design. I think that in urban context, vegetation is really important. Therefore, graffiti artist’s bedroom is extroverted because of park’s vista and also I want to include this three trees in my design as court creator for private and common usage. If I turn my scenario I want to keep in touch the graffiti artist and students but they also have their own spaces therefore my design shape as three part this part for graffiti artist and this part for graffiti artist and this part for students and spaces are shaped according to function distributions first common spaces, second in between spaces and third private spaces. People generally use Kırlangıç. Therefore I want to adduct working spaces of graffiti artist to there so people can easily recognize it. The walls are important for me because of both my thingy and my scenario. This wall is surround all house. It is starting in somewhere and go to working spaces and be used as thingy and continue there go upstairs and end here and it cuts the relation with outside as the thingy aims and he also can use these surfaces to do graffiti.

Here is my house’s plans, sections and model.

prejury pafta plan


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