Subjects Infographics

In this stage of the project we created representation of how different subjects in scenario relate to each other in terms of spaces that they use and share in a daily, weekly, monthly and annual period.

In addition to my scenario there are also three students who come to university in Ankara with bachelor degree and they do not know Ankara. They have a schedule therefore they have regular life when we compare to graffiti artist. They generally go out to know Ankara.

The graffiti artist meet his clients at home, he meet twice with clients first to get job and second to show studies about the work and decide what is the final product. Graffiti artist does his real works in a place where the people is less so he works generally Saturday nights and if it is indoor space he prefers working on Sunday. In monthly period he has exhibition of his works in every November therefore he do not accept any work in October’s.

When I looked at what is bachelor degree I learned that people who get it has one year course credit so they can graduate one year early. Therefore these students will live with graffiti artist during three years and in summer holiday they sometimes will go their country or sometimes they will travel Turkey.


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