According to my observation, I realized that in Eymir, there is circulation. Although there are some branching in routes, they are always connecting with the main part. Therefore, I want to continue this in our site. I specified a focal point which is the top of the first hill. The reason why it is the focal point is that it is the only place where people see both side of the Eymir. Therefore my all routes complete a circulation and they always reach this focal point so it becomes a transition part.

In my project, I focused on coast and land duality. Routes for one person and five people shape the coast usage. The route for one person is coming from Bağevi as a bridge and connects to focal point. The route for five people is for rowing team. They have two pier and one of them is connecting with the bridge.  A part of the bridge is going under the water to feel what happens under the water. This also allows the transition of canoes and boats.

The reeds are important transition part. When the pier connects to the bridge, the bridge is rising and it allows us to look to the reed from above. When it closes up to the land to emphasize the space alteration it is going down and penetrate to the reeds. The reeds gives us the feeling of enclosure when the bridge switches to land from lake.

The route for fifteen people shape the land usage. People generally come to Eymir for biking and with this route I want to give a chance to bike in this peninsula. It is generally going where we walk when we go there because in this peninsula there is differentiation between north side and south side in terms of level of trees, density and variety of trees, slope level etc. So they can observe this differentiation when they follow this route. There are also some branching to experience both side separately. One is southwest side where the density of trees decrease. It becomes a layover space. The other one is in northeast side. It has stiff line so people can feel the slope and the density of trees easily.

Here are my plans in scale of 1/500 and 1/200 and also models of some parts of my design in scale of 1/200 and 1/20.

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