Bronze Age Cities : The Aegean and Asia Minor

Asia Minor or Anatolia is presumed as the first homeland of Europe civilization. It has an importance in terms of being a landbridge between Europe and Asia. It is a threshold that contains both speciality of both side. Indo-European people sweeped into Asia Minor and then they merged with the local community. These people are called Hittites. Their best-known capital was Hattusas (east of Ankara) and they had grate power. The most conspicuous things in their town were redoubtable advocacy, covered streets, gigantic public structures and drainage channels. A good network system of the roads made possible neat communication with neighboring states. At the same time, defense, security and feeling safety was the main concern for them. Therefore, the properties of landscape (rocky hills at the end of a wide and fertile valley) was used as defense and intimidation and also the heights of walls gave the feeling of formidable so they could discourage for aggressors.


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