Missed Your Instance ?

This is the first assignment of our Architectural Design course.

What is expected to us to revisit our instance model and transform into a series of spaces accommodating human scale. While we are doing this, we are also introduced a musical piece to get a rhythm for movement, consisting of chancing routes and paces within the spaces. First I chose the music which is Unchain My Hearth by Joe Cocker and I analized its rhythm and paces. I found where the music slows down or vice versa and what I feel when this changes occur. Then we should have a single human figure that moves within and through instance-spaces so we should work on proportion and human scale. Thus, I chose myself as a single human figure annd measured myself according to my movement. Then I reflected my analyses to my model and I did my model in 1/50 scale.

And this is my ADS that includes all my diagram studies I did through the whole assignment.


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