The Rise of the City: Architecture in Western Asia

When we look at history, we can easily see different communities that live at the very same time because of different technological achievement and material wealth. For example, Near East left their habits in Neolithic Age before European left and they started to creat a complex society.

The urban revolution and Neolithic revolution were the periods occured consecutive. However, there is a difference between them. The urban revolution did not affect the basic relationship between human and nature. Since it rose after Neolithic revolution and there should be such a distinction that is about the basic relationship between human and nature when considering the main issue in Neolithic Age was nature.

In the ancient cities, there was three things that they considered which are human, resources and ambition. Therefore, while they were searching a place to settle, they were also looking for and considering what humans need so they tried to find a place where they can easily reach food or something thay need.


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