A Break in Istanbul

This weekend I had a break. I went to Istanbul and I visit some places that I wonder. My first stop was Nakilbent Cistern in Sultanahmet. There is an exhibition ” Su Ruhu”, Water Spirit which focus on the relation between art and space. It opened on March 27th and it will continue until April 28th. If you have time I suggest you to visit there. It is surprising that there is no exhibition admission fee. Water, that used to be collected in the cistern for centuries, has been introduced to the space again with the form of water particles and you can experience the space with the help of different lights. Here is some photographs from there.

And here is some photos that make feel us in the different levels of water with the help of water particle and light.

My second stop was Sancaklar Mosque desined by Emre Arolat. http://www.archdaily.com/516205/sancaklar-mosque-emre-arolat-architects/ : In this website you can find the design decission of the mosque. I don’t know whether it has a meaning in term of relegion or not I observed that inside of the mosque there are 12 steps and in ceiling there are some forms that resemble izohips and they are also 12 and a part that sect leader preaches a sermon has 6 steps. Here is some photos from the mosque.

An finally, there are some photos from the Istanbul and my journey.


AnAlice’s Adventures in Kayaköy + threshold

In this step of the project firstly we produced diagrams to have some strategies about piece together our field and instance models. While I was producing my diagram I again thought the consept of contrast so I plan to merge the most dense part of my instance with my less dense part in terms of height changes in field. However, this idea has changed a bit. First I brought them together according to this idea but I applied contrast idea different way. First I created my zone in the instance as a volume and I merged it to my zone in field so I corroborate the transition part. Therefore, I create my threshold and I applied contrast idea like this : In the transition part there are fragmented and enclosed parts. However when we moving away these parts, they are dissolving and they relate with the field by helping the field to redound different heights.