Ass03_Begüm Sarı

I produce a digital photo collage with the photographs I have taken in Kayaköy and also we are expected to focus on the theme layers and I used black and white photos to control light and shadow qualities and to emphasize depth in photos.

Site Trip in Kayaköy

We were in Kayaköy last week to experience all the physical properties of the place ( without any differentiation between nature and man-made ).

I document my observations as multi-layered maps which are expected to be abstract documentations of the place in diagrammatic language, free hand drawings sketches, and photographs. I experienced the place according to time or scale relations and in particular, experiences are related to form, enclosure, visibility, texture, wind, continuity etc. and the composition of the interrelation of all these.

P.s. : Kayaköy is an abandoned village in Muğla, Turkey. Greeks were living here until 1922. Then they had to emigrate because of exchange of population. Today, it is a museum village.


We are expected to apply colour on the black and white image given to us. The assignment requires emphasising certain spatial qualities discovered by us. In doing that we are expected to remain visibility of the given image. So I consider some spatial qualities of image an by introducing the different hue of red I want to emphasize closeness and distance relations.

The Instance

the instance 2In this assignment, we produced a ‘instance’ model as a 3 dimensional presentation of our diagrams consisting of all scenes and actions that we chose and analyzed according to spatial experiences from the book. The instance is composed by using folded planes. We cannot use any adhesives or glues for relating different parts with each other.

In my instance model in the light of my diagram dis two different part by creating a zone but in these parts there are some similarities so I did some transition between these parts.

the instance 1And also by considering the proportion of my space I intersect some of them with each other according to their relation that I analyzed. The first difference between these two part is their density and the second difference is interrelation of spaces with each other. In less dense part the interrelation of spaces are also less as shown in my diagram.