My Design Ideas and Experiences on My Project

My first funny but also most stressful and difficult semester of my architecture is nearly over. Because of these difficulties we have learnt to solve problems that we face both in our life and on our project. Now I want to explain my whole project and my design ideas by associating my Introduction to Architecture lectures.

We started our project by documenting process of a production to come with a storyboard that present the sequential stage of the production process. By considering the repetitions in my storyboard, I produced some operational groups by using some operations given to us which are rotation, addition and branching. I prepared a flowchart by using my operational groups then I did a model by using stick form elements. I change it a few time because it had more linear parts so I increased the number of operations and chanced direction of rotation. By using just my flowchart I did new variation of my model by using planar elements. While I was doing my model I did some changes on my flowchart to reveal rhythms, repetitions and especially group of volume. When I merged my both model, I consider and reveal some essential parts and while I was merging them, I put the essential parts of both models against to each other to emphasize their hierarchy and I also created which is density and fragmented part because this part has more smaller volume when I compared the other two part so it is also creates hierarchy in the relation of my there parts. Now different themes are given to all of us and my theme is ‘shrink’ and now I’m applying this theme to my model and without losing the hierarchy level of essential part I have been creating more homogeneous model by likening our essential volumes to each other. And still I have been working on my project.

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