Arch 121 Report 5 – ‘Three Reminders to Architects’

This week, we have read Le Corbusier’s writing which is Three Reminders to Architects, Mass and Surface. In the beginning of the text Le Corbusier says that architecture show itself over mass and surface and he defines the architecture as a pulling, truth and dexterous play of mass that aggregate in light and he suggests that light and shade show up the most important basic of geometric forms such as pyramids, cubes, cones, spheres, cylinders and when he evaluates Gotic architecture, it doesn’t use spheres, cylinders, cones as base. However Egyptian, Greek or Roman architecture is the opposite of the Gotic architecture. Le Corbusier also explains that engineers’ works don’t based on an architectural aspect but these works can remind architectural sense because they use outcome of calculations and basic elements.

Surfaces create mass and they personalize the mass and Le Corbusier says that if the architecture’s basis is spheres, cones and cylinders, lines that reveal and create these forms shold use pure geometry as base but he criticises 1920’s architects in this term, he says that this geometry startles the architecture. However Le Corbusier supports engineers who not internalize a specific architectural thought and find some forms that create mass by proceeding with the necessities of obligatory demand.

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