Arch 121 Report 4 – ‘Regulating Lines’

This week, I have read a text ( Regulating Lines )that had written by Le Corbusier. In the text Le Corbusier diagnosed regulating lines as an indispensable element of architecture and he told that it is necessary to constitute in order. Also he clarified how the regulating lines enhance the fine proportions and add sense of coherence to the building. In qther words, regulating lines submit us the chase of harmonious relations with one another and the quality of rhythm on the work. In the text Le Corbusier exemplified the utilization of the regulating lines in the past to make tasks easier, to correct their works and for the satisfaction of their sense. Also Le Corbusier listed off several structures that are used regulating lines, a primitive temple, Notre – Dame de Paris, the Capitol in Rome, the Petit Trianon and his work in Paris.

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