Arch 121 Report 3 – ‘Architecture, Pure Creation of the Mind’

In this week, we should write a report about a part (Architecture, Pure Creation of the Mind) of Towards a New Architecture, Le Corbusier that we read and a video of Bernstein (What Does Music Mean ? ) that we watched two weeks ago to prepare a digital poster.

In this text, Le Corbusier reflects his exact manner and thoughts about architecture. In the beginning of the text he expresses that profile and contour are the touchstone of Architect (When I have done a quick research about touchstone, I understand that touchstone uses a gauge to specify the quality of a thing.) because they reveal either an artist or absolute engineer and when the art enters in, architecture is formed, he mentions that in work of art, there must be a unity of aim, clear statement and its own special character and all this associate to us a pure creation of mind.

He draws attention to axis of organization and he clarifies it like that, this axis leads us to presume a unity of affairs in the universe and he says that the reason of appearing the results of mathematical calculation satisfying and harmonious to us is proceeding from the axis.

Le Corbusier approach critically a topic that certain writers’ exposition. This topic is inspiring from nature. Certain writers have predicated that Doric column was inspired by a tree springing from the earth. However, Le Corbusier expresses that it is false and he exemplifies this thought with columns in Greece.

In the video Bernstein talked that notes are not like words at all, a word has got a specific meaning or when we say a word spontaneously its image comes to our minds but if a note is played, we have not an idea about its meaning because it doesn’t have a meaning. In other words, nothing has no meaning by itself but when some things come together with rhythms, combination and at the same time with a unity and also within the tramework of a plan, they create a whole.


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